This features offers Real Media Library.

RML (Real Media Library) is one of the most wanted media wordpress plugins. It is easy to use and it allows you to organize your thousands of images in folders. It is similar to wordpress categories like in the posts.

Use your mouse (or touch) to drag and drop your files. Create, rename, delete or reorder your folders If you want to select a image from the “Select a image”-dialog (e. g. featured image) you can filter when inserting media. Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. It also supports multisite.

If you buy, you get: Forever FREE updates and high quality and fast support.

Drag and Drop is the easiest way to move files. All your files are moved quickly with one movement. Hold down an image, move it to a destination folder, and release the mouse.

Drag and drop also works with touch devices. On the iPad, you use your fingers to move files.

To move more than one file at a time, you switch to WordPress "Bulk select" mode. Then you select your desired pictures and files and move them by drag & drop.

This also works in Media Library List Table mode: Just check the files you want to move (checkboxes) and then drag once of them to move the checked files.

A file or image can also be in multiple folders as you know from your operating system:

  • An Alias in Mac Finder
  • A Shortcut in Windows Explorer
  • or a Link in Linux

... however... Just drag your files, hold any key on your keyboard and drop it to specific folder where you want to create the file shortcuts.

Full controlwith the toolbar

The toolbar above your created folder provides all possible functions.

Folder hierarchy

Create infinitely many folders with infinitely many subfolders. You can also build a collection-gallery relationship, which will help you to see where your picture galleries are.


Any of your created folders, collections and galleries can be changed immediately. Note that duplicate subfolder names are not allowed within one folder.

RML works perfectly in your "Add Media" dialog. This means that the usual folder tree is not only visible in your media library, but also when you select a featured image for a post, for example.

All actions, such as creating and renaming folders, can also be performed here.

Do you use a page builder like Cornerstone, Visual Composer or whatever? No problem! The Real Media Library is also available in the front page of your page builder, if you have to choose a picture from your media library.

Real Media Library extends the standard WordPress Uploader with some functionalities. New uploaded files are automatically uploaded to the currently selected folder - in grid and table mode.

You will also find useful information about the current upload progress. These include: Remaining time, upload speed, and the overall size of the upload.

Dynamic galleries

Another feature that Real Media Library offers is that you can create dynamic galleries from your created folders.
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  • Forever free
  • 6 months included
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