Frequently asked questions

These questions have often been asked by customers.


You do not need to worry about references. The references are preserved because the files are only organized visually.

Unfortunately, RML does not support any physical organization. However, there is a free extension for RML to upload new uploads directly to the respective physical folder. The extension can be downloaded and installed directly via under the following link:

Working examples for those uploads:

  • The normal folder: A folder can contain every type of file and collections, but no galleries. If you want to create a subfolder simply select a folder from the list and click this button.
  • The collection: A collection can contain no files. But you can create there other collections and galleries. The mentioned above gallery is only a gallery data folder, that means they are not automatically in your frontend (your website).
    You can create a visual gallery from this gallery data folder via the Visual Editor in your page/post.
  • The gallery folder: A gallery data folder can only contain images. It is simplier for you to distinguish where your visual galleries are.
    You can also order the images into a custom image order per drag&drop.

Download the latest version from here, disable, and delete the old version of your WordPress Dashboard. Then you can upload the new version via Plugins> Add New -> Upload. Do not worry, the folders will persist.

Yes, that's possible:

  • You use the table view: Use the checkboxes and then drag and drop
  • You use the grid view: Use the button "Bulk select", select the files to be moved and then drag and drop.

Yes, these files simply end up in the "/ Unorganized" folder.

Yes, the plugin does support multisite. Support means, it runs on multisite installation. The support itself does not mean that it adds the functionality to share media networkwide. For this you can use a plugin like "Network Share Media".


The CSS and JS files are only enqueued to the front-end if you are a logged in user who has permissions to upload files. It helps you to use Real Media Library with page builders like Visual Composer or Beaver Builder. You can disable the frontend loading in Settings > Media > Load RML functionality in frontend.

Since v4 the Real Media Library is built on top of the WP REST API technology ( There are two cases of troubleshooting:

1. I see a spinning loader in the tree list

For this we recommenend to use version >= 4.0.2 which covers the most solution handling for this problem. If the problem still persists something goes wrong with your API base. Are you using a plugin which changes the WP REST API base url?

2. The tree is loading (no spinner) but I can not create / delete a folder

Also here it is recommend to use version >= 4.0.2. If the problem still persists, one reason can be that your server configuration is missing something. Your server does not allow CREATE, PUT, DELETE, ... requests. Here is a good guide to troubleshoot this problem:


The Regular License may be used for one (1) productive page. This means that a separate license is required for each additional page. However, it is allowed to use a license for a productive page and the associated test / development page.

The Extended License is the same as the Regular License, except that it may be used in another end product. It is not allowed to use the Extended License for several productive pages.

Yes, you may include Real Media Library in one (1) theme. An extended license is then required for each end product.

You need a license for each domain. If the domains are one company (for example subdomains) then you need for these only one license.

  • Extended license
  • $120
    per One-time payment
  • Yes, plus VAT
  • Premium Plugin
  • 1x
  • Forever free
  • 6 months included
  • At any time
  • May be integrated into ONE theme on