Dynamic galleries

Create dynamic galleries in front of your website from a media library folder.

Since WordPress 5.0 the Gutenberg block editor was introduced to the core system. More and more plugins gets compatible with the page builder and build own blocks.

Also, Real Media Library provides a block to create dynamic galleries from a specific folder. You can apply custom settings as you know from the normal gallery block.

Real Media Library provides a shortcode to dynamically display galleries from a folder. That means for you, galleries can all be managed in one place - in the WordPress media library.

The already known options, such as the dimension of the images, how many columns, and whether they should be placed randomly, can be used.

If the images have been arranged in a user-defined order, this order is also considered, otherwise they are sorted by date (default).

All your uploaded files or images can be arranged by the left toolbar button. If you click on the toolbar button, you switch to Drag & Drop mode and you can rearrange the images with the mouse.

As described above, this sequence is then observed in the dynamic galleries. If you want to reset the user-defined sequence, open the folder details (arrow icon in the toolbar) and then click on the "Reset custom order" button.

Sometimes the custom order is not enough, because you do not like to sort all images by filename by hand. No problem with RML, in the folder details, the images can be sorted according to the following criteria:

  • Title
  • Filename
  • Natural order of filename
  • ID

This sequence can be applied per descending or ascending order.

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