Extend the functionality of Real Media Library

RML + Justified Image Grid

  • Galleries

    WP Real Media Library galleries can only contain photos. Justified Image Grid displays them as-is or opens straight to lightbox galleries via collections.
  • Collections

    Justified Image Grid shows WP Real Media Library collections and their content tree. They contain galleries and other collections.

Physical Custom Upload Folder

Do you know the wp-content/uploads folder? There, the files are stored in year/month based folders. This can be a very complicated and mass process, especially when you are working with a FTP client like FileZilla.

ACF Real Media Library Field

This plugin allows you to create a Real Media Library field in Advanced Custom Fields. It allows single selection and multi combox box.

RML + Essential Grid

  • Source

    Essential Grid allows you to select from different sources, now folders are also supported.
  • Quote from Twitter:

    Essential Grid is now working perfectly with WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager! Check it out!

WP/LR Sync

WP/LR Sync is a Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It helps you to publish / export your photos and collections to WordPress and to keep them synchronized. Any changes on your photos (including your metadata) or your collections will trigger a re-publish. Your website will be always in sync with your Lightroom.

Document Gallery

This plugin allows the user to effortlessly create a gallery of documents and other attached media, much like the gallery option already available for image attachments.

Default Startup Folder

Set a default media library startup folder for Real Media Library tree. That means it does not load automatically the “All Files” folder instead you can choose between different options.

You are a developer?

The Real Media Library offers a very nice extensibility for other developers. You can simply extend Real Media Library and publish your own add-on, learn more here.