Extend the functionality of Real Media Library

RML + Justified Image Grid

  • Galleries

    WP Real Media Library galleries can only contain photos. Justified Image Grid displays them as-is or opens straight to lightbox galleries via collections.
  • Collections

    Justified Image Grid shows WP Real Media Library collections and their content tree. They contain galleries and other collections.

Physical Custom Upload Folder

Do you know the wp-content/uploads folder? There, the files are stored in year/month based folders. This can be a very complicated and mass process, especially when you are working with a FTP client like FileZilla.

ACF Real Media Library Field

This plugin allows you to create a Real Media Library field in Advanced Custom Fields. It allows single selection and multi combox box.

RML + Essential Grid

  • Source

    Essential Grid allows you to select from different sources, now folders are also supported.
  • Quote from Twitter:

    Essential Grid is now working perfectly with WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager! Check it out!

WP/LR Sync

WP/LR Sync is a Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It helps you to publish / export your photos and collections to WordPress and to keep them synchronized. Any changes on your photos (including your metadata) or your collections will trigger a re-publish. Your website will be always in sync with your Lightroom.

Document Gallery

This plugin allows the user to effortlessly create a gallery of documents and other attached media, much like the gallery option already available for image attachments.

Default Startup Folder

Set a default media library startup folder for Real Media Library tree. That means it does not load automatically the “All Files” folder instead you can choose between different options.

Global Gallery - Responsive Gallery

Global Gallery handles unlimited image sources and comes with Four gallery layouts, ten lightboxes ready to use and is designed to be displayed on each device. It comes with fully featured slider and carousel.. and much much more!

You are a developer?

The Real Media Library offers a very nice extensibility for other developers. You can simply extend Real Media Library and publish your own add-on, learn more here.