Allow calendar entries

Allow SITO to create your calendar entries

To enable synchronisation you need to assign permissions. To synchronize calendar entries automatically from JIRA to Outlook you have to grant permission to the SITO main user. Please contact your JIRA Administrator to find out which one to use - if not already shared with you In this short post you will find two software types where you can grant permissions for your calendar: Outlook 2016, Office 365

Please reference to this article for further informations:

 Configure Office 365

  1. Open your Outlook web application
  2. Open your calendar view

  3. Click on the "Share" button

  4. Type in the main SITO user address and set the permission level to "Editor"

Configure Outlook 2016

  1. Go to your calendar view
  2. Click "Calendar permissions" and a new dialog opens
  3. Add a new user with "Add..." and enter the email address of the main SITO user
  4. When the new user is added select it and change the "Permission level" to "Editor"