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Your Admin has installed Sync Issue To Outlook!

In this documentation you’ll find everything you need to know about Sync Issue To Outlook for JIRA. This synchronizes your issues directly onto your outlook calender - even without leaving Jira!

When does a sync happen?

Now that Jira is allowed to access your Outlook calender you may want to know what and when your Jira issues are synchronized into it. Let's find out. The synchronization takes place directly after an issue is created, updated or deleted.

All these fields must contain proper information to perform a synchronisation.

Assignee This JIRA user will receive the JIRA issue in outlook calender. If no assignee is provided no calendar entry will be created. If you changed the assignee from a user to "not assigned" the entry will be deleted from the previous users calender.
Duedate This is the date where the entry will appear.
Period of Time Here you can define beginning and ending of the JIRA issue to schedule them properly.
If you can't find the field please contact your JIRA Administrator how it is called in your instance.

If all the fields are filled the following details are synced to your personal Outlook calendar:

  • Issue title as subject
  • Issue content as appointment content. It's similar to the email which you get when an user has created an issue for you.

Need help or have improvements?

If you have problems using the synchronization itself please contact your Jira-Administrator / IT. For any improvements please feel free to contact us!

Need help?

Interested in this product but have some questions? Feel free to contact me.