Permissions - White- and Blacklist

Now that you added the new type of custom field we can manage permissions.

Where to find the configuration frontend?

To access the frontend configuration page you must be in a group of jira-administrators.
You can locate the site under:


or using global shortcut for searching administration (press ‚g‘ two times) by searching ‚permission‘


Don't worry. None of your JIRA-Users will be able to use sync functionality until they have the permission to do so.

Therefore you can choose a list of groups which can use the feature - and which not. Select the groups to fit for your needs an press the button to save the configuration.



Each user, which is in a selected group is potentially allowd sync issues to outlook. Except...


Each user, which is in a selected group here is definitley not allowed to use the feature. Even if the user is in a selected group of Whitelist.

Best practice

Normally you want to enable the feature for all your users. If all are in one group just enable it in Whitelist. For single users which are not allowed you could create a separate group. Add the specific users to that group and set the group on the blacklist.

Congratz - take a coffee now!

By configuring permissions you're almost done with your work as Administrator.