Configure SITO to access EWS

Now that you have EWS enabled and a supported version of Microsoft Exchange Server we move on to configure the plugin.

Where to find the configuration frontend?

To access the frontend configuration page you must be in a group of jira-administrators.
You can locate the site under:


or using global shortcut for searching administration (press 'g' two times) by searching 'exchange'


The follow screen appears at the configuration site.

Please provide all information needed completely and press the button to save.

Fields description

Server URLHere you define the URL to EWS of your Microsoft Exchange Server. The most common ends with the file-extension '.asmx'
Current VersionIn most cases you can leave this as is. If you encounter any problems you may choose the appropriate server version matching to your Exchange Server.
Backwards compatibilityIf you encounter any problems using Jira SITO with Exchange 2007 please try to enable compatibility mode by setting the value to 'true'
UsernameImportant - this user creates all appointments!
Please choose a user who has access to your EWS and can be used to create calendar appointments for your users. Further information, check here later on.
Note: Be sure to use only username and not the first / last name.
PasswordIn this field you have to provide the users password to gain access to ews.